(Photo credit – zermatt.ch)

The question of which is better will never be answered, it can’t be.

But we’ll definitely have a look at which is seen as the more attractive sport to take up if you’re thinking about trying one of these two amazing winter sports out.

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Paddy Graham. (Photo credit - Red Bull)

Paddy Graham. (Photo credit – Red Bull)

Freestyle skiing… admired by the masses, mastered by the few.

Paddy Graham is one of the few.

A rocker at heart and with a guilty pleasure of getting dirt under his finger nails, Paddy is perhaps not your average freeskier. The grinding, grabbing, rotating, shredding machine is one of the very few to make it out of the UK and onto the big screen.

The Red Bull skier, 25, talked SnowStyleUK through his road to success, from first feeling the harsh sting of dendix bristles to the huge success of the Legs of Steel adventure and what skiing means to him.

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A simply sensational GoPro edit put together at the very beginning of the season involving Ryan and brother Devin Price.

This is a must watch.

The most poetic nine minutes of skiing you’ll possibly ever lay your eyes on.

Without a doubt the finest urban segment I have ever had the pleasure to lay my eyes on.

Sick skills from woodsy in this little vid from the end of last season.

Wanna work on your board balance before you hit the rails and boxes in the park?

Here’s a great, and detailed, video from the guys at SnowboardAddiction on how to get plenty of practise in from the comfort of your own home.

As featured in Poor Boyz 2010 production – Revolver.